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Балыкчы шаарындагы Ж.Бөкөнбаев №2 мектебинин

англис тили мугалими

Time: 45 minutes

Class: 5th

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate/

Topic: Unusual festivals (reading lesson)


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Improve reading and speaking skills
  • Make predictions from the objects and pictures, title of the lesson
  • Learn new festival vocabulary
  • Read the texts and get the main idea
  • Read the texts and complete the chart
  • Play a Casino game
  • Create and make a presentation of their own festival


Target language: Vocabulary: hot air balloon, rise, film, take pictures, highlight, to poke fun at, cardboard, to burn


Materials: pictures of American dollars for Casino game, pictures of unusual festivals, printed pictures of air balloons, tomatoes and statues for the assessment, the National English Textbooks for 5th grade.


Equipment:  a laptop, white screen with the projector

Warm up: Students hug each other: “Hugging helps to lower the stress throughout the day”


Making Predictions from the objects, title and pictures.

The teacher shows students 3 pictures or objects (tomatoes, small statues) which are connected to the reading.

The teacher asks how those pictures and objects are connected.

Finally, students read the text and check if they were right or wrong about the story connections they made.

Introducing Vocabulary:

Teacher introduce new vocabulary with a help of Power Point

  • Hot air balloon
  • Rise
  • Film
  • Take pictures
  • Highlight
  • To poke fun at
  • Cardboard
  • To burn

Students repeat all together and randomly.

  • Students show new words with a help of gestures, mimics or actions. Other students should guess this word.

While-Reading Activities: Teacher divides the class into 3 groups: 1st group-La Tomatina, 2nd group- Lass Fallas, 3rd group- Hot air balloon.

Skimming: Answer the questions Teacher: What is your text is about? What is the main idea?

Scanning: Students read the texts again and find specific information. Complete this  chart:

La TomatinaLass FallasHot air balloon
WHENOn Last Wednesday of AugustOn March 19Each October
WHEREBucol, SpainValencia, SpainNew Mexico, the USA
HOWTomato fight. People throw tomatoes at each other.People create statues to poke fun at others.People have picnics, film the balloons, take pictures

True or false (Casino game)

Techer gives sentences to students. They should decide if these sentences are true or false. The students place their bets. The team with the most money wins.

  • People throw 125 tons of tomatoes at La Tomatina Festival.
  • The Lass Fallas Festival is a new festival.
  • Lass Fallas is a noisy festival.
  • Participation in La Tomatina costs €20.

Post-reading activities: Presentations of new festivals .Students should create their own festival.

Follow Festival Planning guide:

  • Name your festival
  • Data
  • The guest list
  • Food

Reflection: Tree of reflection

The teacher will distribute colorful stickers to the students. They have to write:

  • their favorite moments in the green sticky note
  • their questions in the yellow sticky note
  • their difficulties in the red sticky note