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 Narkulova Asylgul,

English teacher, at the  school-gymnasium named after Barpy Alykulov.

Objectives:  By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • learn the names of primary colors & secondary colors. (Blue, pink, purple, yellow, white, red, black, brown)
  • Read and write words for colors and make the secondary colors from the primary colors.
  • To color the boxes for pens, pencils with the colours for art and crafts.

Target language:

  • Vocabulary related to colors (blue, white, red, brown, pink, yellow, black, purple);

Materials:  the lesson plan based on the material of  Г. Фатнева, Э. Цуканова, Г. Назарбекова. Английский язык: 3-класс,  Бишкек 2021, стр.85-86. 

Equipments: pictures representing colors, crowns with pictures, projector, plicker cards and mini boards, boxes for pens, fly catchers and colors for art and crafts.

Stage Purpose Procedure
1.Warm up






2. To prepare students for the new theme.







































































4. Practicing

Exercises, activities.









































































































6. Conclusion
















7. Giving hometask.





8. Assessment.



To help students to get in a learning frame of mind.



To set the tone for what kind of exercises and games  to take place during the class and to get students interested in the theme of the lesson.






To improve students reading skills and pronunciation.






















To allow to students get marks with their answers.




















To develop students` writing skills.












Raise the students interests for the lesson.




To engage all students for the lesson


To make unusual exercises in the class and make interesting the class.

To develop students listening skills.







To reflect about the theme. listening











To practice the theme. STEAM time
































To check of the students understand the theme.

















Evaluate all students works. Count their point.

Teacher greets students and begins the lesson with the song  “Rainbow Colors Song “ with showing the colors for art.

(Listen and sing!)

Red and yellow and green and blue,
Rainbow colors for me and you!

Colors for me, Colors for you,
Rainbow colors for me and you.

Red and yellow and green and blue,
Rainbow colors for me and you!

Then teacher will ask from the students “Who can tell me what about will be today`s our new theme?” Students say Colors, colors… They identify the new theme, that it will we about colors. Teacher says  yes, our new theme is called “colors” we will learn so many new words about colors.

The teacher  shows so many pictures on the screen. Teacher asks, “What do you see on the screen?” Students answer- colors, pencils. (белый, синий, красный, желтый и.т.д.)


Teacher will read the words with the transcriptions and students will repeat after her. White — [waɪt]

Blue -[bluː]

Yellow- [ˈjeləʊ]

Black- [blæk]

Green-  [ɡriːn]


Brown —  [braʊn]

Let`s look an ex: 1 on page 85. Look at the pictures and read by yourselves.

CCQ-what should you do? Will you write? Students say no we should read by ourselves. (blue, white, red, brown, pink, yellow, black, purple) by this way students read the new words 3 times.

Envelopes of students. At end of the lesson they will put cards with the new words.

Techer says, good job! You were very active.

During the lesson I will evaluate you with colored assessments. You will collect them. At the end of the lesson you can count and get marks. If you collect more than 7- you can get “5”  more than 5-“4” more than 3-“3”

The next exercise will be 2 on page 85. Open your copy-books and write all the new words. I will give you 2 minutes.

What should you do? Will you read? Student says: No we should write.

So we have learned so many colors and we know how to write them. Am I right? Students say yes teacher. Now we will work with mini boards. Take markers and by one mini boards and I will show you the picture you will write and say BINGO.

Teacher evaluates students` work and gives them by 1 point  for every answer. Teacher asks what words have they written. Students say so many colors-white, blue, red, yellow and others.

So you will work in pairs. I need 2 volunteers. Who wants to help me? So many students will raise hands and teacher observes the class who is not active during the lesson, they will go on the board. There are so many colored pencils on the board. Teacher says colors  in English. Students should bit them with fly catcher. This game is played as a competition between teams or students. One of the students will give them points and at the end of the game students will count and define winners. This game helps to students to remember the new words.

Teacher says and asks from all students. Well done! What colors were on the board? Students one by one answers for teacher`s question.

Now it`s time to practice. You will work in pairs. To every group teacher gives envelopes. Students will open and see the instruction. Students shoul make secondary colours from primary colors.  For ex:   I After it, they will be given boxes. From the primary colours students should paint the boxes. Should you read? Students say no we should paint the boxes. (every materials are given by the teacher)

You have 4 minutes. In this time you should paint the boxes.

Now speak about your boxes. What colours are on your boxes?  Students speak about their works. The teacher will evaluate them with the coloured rulers.

Teacher says students you have learnt so many colors. Now we will check our brain. I`d like to work with you by plicker cards. Look on the screen and choose the correct answer. Take your plicker cards if your answer is A you should show variant A. I will scan your answer and it attracts on the screen. What should we do? Should you write? Student says, no we should choose the correct answer and raise it.

CCQ What have you learnt from the lesson? What was interesting for you? Teacher listens to all students` answers  carefully! Good job thanks all of you. You are so active students, your homework will be an ex: 4 on page. 86. You should unscramble the words and repeat all the new words  at home.


All of you were active. But we have the most active students that have  collected so many points. “5” “4” “3” Good job! Well done!

Our lesson is over. See you soon!