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Этот урок дает возможность увидеть Нью-Йорк с новой стороны: учащиеся открывают для себя достопримечательности города, географическое положение, архитектурные сооружения, что помогает составлять текст на английском языке о крупнейшем городе мира.

Theme:   New York

Type of lesson: Explanation of the new material

Used methods: Individual work, work in groups

Visual method, verbal method

Assessment methods used: Verbal score, formative poll

Materials: Interactive board, cards, pictures, slides


Students will be introduced to the City of New YorkStudents will know districts, streets, sights of New York
Students can compare New York to other citiesStudents will know the differences and similarities between New York and other cities
Students can ask questions to each other on the topicStudents formulate questions correctly according to topic



Stages of the lessonContents
1.Organization moment Time: 3 min 






2.Checking up the home task

Time:7 min




3.New theme

Time: 10 min  Methods:

Brainstorming  Mark: Verbal



























































4. Fixing

Time: 15 min

Methods: Individual work
Mark: Finish the sentence





Discussing with groups
Mutual testing
Mark: Traffic light























Time: 5 min
Methods: Hand signal
Mark: Feedback





Time: 4 min
Methods: Group work

Evaluation of each other

7.Home work:

Time: 1 min







-Good morning everybody!-How are you?-How do you feel yourself today?-Are you OK?-Who is on duty today?-Is anybody absent today?-What is the weather like today?-Do you like it?

-What was your home task for today?

-Are you ready for the lesson?

-Did you find any facts or materials about New York?

Actualization of knowledge:

-What are the largest cities you know?

-Have you ever been to New York?

-Would you like to visit it?

Now, students! Today we’re gonna talk about the largest city in the USA. It’s about New York. Before that, I would like to say a few words about our objectives   for today.

1 At the end of the lesson students will be able to speak about New York.

2 Students can compare New York with other big cities.

3 Students can ask questions to each other referring to the theme.

Presentation of the new theme:

(Interactive board)

T: Look! It’s New York. It’s the biggest city in the world especially in the USA.

Its total area is about 900 square kilometers. It’s situated at the mouth of the Hudson river. It has 8000000 inhabitants. It has 5 districts: The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond…

Harlem is the poorest district in New York . About 1 million Afro-Americans live here. There are a lot of unemployed people there…

There are 2 main streets in New York:

Wall Street and Brooklyn Street. On Wall Street you can find a lot of offices of rich businessmen. In New York life is very difficult for those who have little money. Certainly only rich people can live without any difficulties there. Also It’s very difficult to find a job in New York. In the city New York, there are representatives of nearly all the world’s races and nationalities and when you walk in the streets you can hear practically every language in the world.


1 Brooklyn Bridge

2 Empire State Building

3 Twin Towers

4 The Statue of Liberty


Task 1: Complete the sentences

a )The Statue of Liberty is the———- of American democracy.

b) Broadway is the centre of ——— and night life.

c) Today New York City is informally called “ The—————— “.

Task 2: Look at the interactive board, you see a few pictures. You have to find correct the names of these pictures and put the name under them.

Task 3: Situation T: Let’s imagine that you are in New York. And you don’t know anybody. What will you do in this situation?

Task 4: Answer the questions

1 What is the largest city in the USA?

2 Where is New York situated?

3 How many districts are there in New York?

4 In which district are many offices situated?

5 What is the population of New York?…

What was new and interesting for you from this lesson?

What was difficult or on the contrary easy for you in this lesson?

Did you like the way we have worked today?

Students ask questions to each other about the theme and give suitable marks to themselves.

-Your home task for the next lesson will be to make up short conversation referring to New York

I think that you have enjoyed this lesson. Have a good time!

See you! Good bye!

























































































































































































































































































Каденова Светлана , учитель английского языка сшг №1 им. Л.Н.Толстого города Балыкчы