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Балыкчы шаарындагы С.Каралаев атындагы №6 мектебинин

англис тили мугалими

Methods of the lesson:          Interactive methods, working with groups, in pairs, individually.

Types of the lesson:              Explaining the new theme, mixed lesson.

Skills:                                    (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Critical Thinking)

Visual aids and handouts:  Books, pictures, papers, cards, real objects, flipcharts, chalk, pen, pencils, markers, a laptop, projector

The objectives of the lesson

Educational: To give information about the English language, to give interesting facts about learning the language; Students learn  about English, they get information about the countries in which the English language is official.

Developmental: To improve reading, writing, speaking, and speaking skills; Students can listen to the text and at the same time read themselves. After listening and reading the text they do tasks according to the topic to check to understand the theme.

Breeding: To learn working in groups and  respect each other. Students work in groups, so they learn how to behave themselves and respect partners, classmates.


Warm-up: Teacher greets students, teachers. She tells the theme and objectives of the lesson. There are 15 stickers in three colors.  Each student chooses the sticker which he/she likes. Then teacher explains to sit together who has a similar sticker and choose a captain. Students greet the teacher and guests. They choose their lovely stickers, according to it, they divide into three groups. Each group chooses a captain.

Checking the home task: The teacher checks students` homework. It is learning about four countries  (The USA, The UK, Canada, and Australia). She asks three (or more) questions about these countries. Students answer the questions which were given by the teacher. According to the questions and answers, students choose their names.

Presentation: The teacher shows the video and a presentation about the theme of the lesson. Consequently, she explains the topic of the lesson.

She gives CCQ questions in order t check the students` understanding. Students will carefully listen to the teacher, then they watch the video, a presentation and try to get new information about the new topic.

Students answer the questions of the teacher and make their endeavor to participate actively in the lesson.

Practice: To check their understanding of the theme, the teacher and students play an intellectual game.

It takes three rounds. There are 7 questions about the USA, the Uk in the first round.   All questions will be shown on the projector. There are 5 questions in the second round. It will be about Canada and Australia.

Students work in groups, they compete with each other. They give their answers in the list of the papers which were given by the teacher. Then these papers will be collected and other teachers count the scores of the groups.

At this moment, the teacher says the answers to the questions. After each round, each group gets their scores and they will assess themselves by the pictures(maps).

Application: There are 4 questions in the third round. It will be about the new information which was given at the beginning of the lesson.






Students answer and get their scores. It is important to emphasize that students will answer in a written way, at the same time they will answer orally. It will help them to improve their writing skills and speaking skills.

Conclusion: After the third round, it will be clear that which group is the winner in this game by the pictures(maps). The group that has more pictures than others will be winners. Students make their conclusion at the end of the lesson. They analyze the new theme, comment on the game. Students share their opinions about the game.

Home task: Writing understanding how to do this task

Value the pupils’ actives: Put the marks with the help of assessment criteria.

Note about good works.  Getting the marks. Listening to the pieces of advice.