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The prepositions of place

Methods of the lesson: Interactive

Materials: Computer, projector, pictures, box, ball.


Educational: —Students will be able to learn prepositions.

-to increase vocabulary of the students

-to enable grammar knowledge of the students.

Development: To develop students memory by doing activities, to teach them to respect eachother.

Methods: Interactive

Course of the lesson:

Org.moment:  Teacher: Good morning everybody?

I am glad to see you again.

Before beginning our lesson we will repeat our golden rules.

 Golden Rules

T: Do you keep our golden rules?

Now who can tell me, what is the date today?

What day is it today?

What season is it now?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

Students will try to answer all teachers questions and they can daily phrases learn new phrases.

Teacher: Lets check your homework. What was your homework for today?

Student: Our homework for today was to learn by heart the new words.

Teacher ask the new words with game “Fishing”


Teacher: Today our new theme is “The prepositions of place”. Firstly open your copy-books and write down the date and theme. I have a sing a song about prepositions. At first you will listen this song and watch with video from projector. After it you will sing this song together. Pay attention please.

In, on, under

Where is the mouse? The mouse is in the house.

Where is the cat? The cat is in the hat.

Where is the fish? The fish is in the dish.

Where are you? I’m in the classroom.

Chorus: In, on, under, in front of, behind, next to, between

In, on, under, in front of, behind, next to, between

One two three four

Where is the bear? The bear is on the chair.

Where is the snake? The snake is on the cake.

Where is the guitar? The guitar is on the car.

Where are you? I’m on a chair too.


One two three four

Where is the fox? The fox is under the box.

Where is the train? The train is under the airplane.

Where is the rose? The rose is under the nose.

Where are you? We’re under the moon.

 Presentation of the new words

Teacher presents the new words with the help of the projector. Students will copy the new words on their copy-books.




In front of


Next to



Students will repeat after the teacher individually and chorus.


Ex:3 Study the prepositions of place

Now look at the ex:5. Complete the gaps with the prepositions of place according to the picture.

behind          between (x2)        on (x3)       next to

in front of    above                     in                under

David: This is a picture of my living room in my country.

Aigul: Wow. It’s very big and beautiful.

David: Yes. It’s our favourite room because all the family relaxes here.

We enjoy spending time together, sitting and talking or reading.

Aigul: What’s in the picture (1) the lamps (2) the


David: It’s a landscape painting. The painter painted the White Cliffs

of Dover.

Aigul: There’s a coffee table (3) the sofa. What books are

(4) the coffee table?

David: They’re my parents’ books. They like reading books sitting

(5) the sofa.

Aigul: Oh, look at that plant (6) the sofa. It’s amazing.

David: I used to take care of it. I watered it every other day. The

sofa is (7) the plant and the lamp. There are cushions

(8) the sofa. There are windows (9) the sofa and

the armchair. There’s a carpet (10) the coffee table.

There’s some wood (11) the fireplace.

Aigul: David, I think you miss your parents and your house.

David: Yes, I do.


Teacher prepared apple tree and wrote new words in the apple stickers. Students will take the apples and show that preposition using box and ball. Other students will find it.

Teacher: Our lesson has come to end.

I will give you good marks. Thank  you very much for your good work.

Take your homework for the next lesson to make up sentence for the new words and to learn by heart the prepositions song. See you for the next lesson.