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Назира Киргизбаева,

Сузак районунун №19 Абдукаимов Адилбек атындагы орто мектебинин

англис тили мугалими

Form: 3

Theme is: Confirmation of learned.

The aims of the lesson:

* Teach the use of unknown a/ an article words.

* To develop their skills of reading, learning, speaking…

* Pupils are taught to treat each other with respect and   friendship.

Type of lesson: Interactive.

Visual aids: papers, markers, pictures, cards, letters, colours, TV.

Teacher:  — Good afternoon!

Pupils: — Good afternoon!

Good afternoon to you!

Good afternoon dear teachers,

We are glad to see you!

T: Sit down please!

How are you today?

P: We are fine!

T: What is the daete today?

P: Today is the ……………….

T: Do hands washing gymnastics.

My hands was clean.

Together repeat


Our hands were clean.


T: — What was your home work for today?

P: — To make up sentences with letters.

T: — Are you ready?

P: — Yes, we are ready.

       A: I like an apple very much.

B: I like pley ball.

C: I have a cat.

D: I have a dog.

E: An elephant is the digest animal.

F: The frog lives in water.

G: The goat is beautiful animal.

H: The han is a pet.

I: Ice cream is sweet and a cold.

J: Jaguar jumps and runs.

K: The key is the human assistant.

L: Lion is the king of all animals.

M: Monkey loves bananas.

N:  We have nuts.

O: The owl has big eyes.

P: We have not pigs.

Q: The quilt is soft.

R: I like rabbits.

S: The squirrel is beautiful.

T: The tiger lives in the forest.

U: Take your umbrella! It is raining.

V: I like playing the violin.

W: I don,t like a wolf.

X: It is a yahta.

Z: There is a zebra in the zoo.

T: Very good. Sing a song about letters.

T: Translate from Kyrgyz into English.

* ручка, китеп, карандаш, бала, кыз, мугалим, сызгыч, сумка, парта,

маркер, отургуч, доска.

T: Do you know family members? :

T: Sing a song family fingers.

T: Open your books on page  121.

ex:4  Choose a or an article.





























T: Sing asong a banana.

T: What colour is it?

P: It is a red.

P: It is a blue.


T: Your h/w will be ex:5 on page 121.

T: Every one participated very well in the lesson.

T: Your marks 5.