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Сабира Исмаилова,

Алай районундагы Гүлчө айылынын

№1 Муса Адышев  атындагы гимназия мектебинин англис тили мугалими

                                                Lesson plan

Class: 6th grade

Level: Elementary

Topic: Unit 11B    From the farm to your table

Objectives:                                                                     By the end of the lesson, students will be able  to:                                      

Educational:                                                                    Educational:                          

-get acquainted with 6 kinds of vegetables             -learn 6 kinds vegetables;

-work with all kinds of acivities                                  -get information about seed germination;

-listen and repeat with the help of Quizlet

Developing:                                                                     Developing:

-guess the theme from the pictures                          -create sentences using new words

-work with test                                                              -plant vegetables with their own hands;

-guess the words by touching things

-watch the video about the seed germination

Bringing up:                                                                   Bringing up:

-work in pairs and groups                                           -learn how to use vegetables in their real life

-listen to each other                                                    -get knowledge about agriculture

 Target language:

Teaching  vocabulary: a beet, beans, a corn, peas, a cabbage, an onion

Materials: English book for 6th grade (Английский язык, О.Балута, Ч.Абдышева, Г.Назарбекова, А.Жолчиева)



Equipment: Board, notebook, projector, screen, visual aids.


-Good morning, children!

-How are you feeling today?

-Do you like today’s weather? What is the weather outside?

-Who is absent at the lesson?

-What is the date today?

-What is the day of the week today?

-Are you ready for the lesson?

Students answer all these questions.


With the help of plastic bottle students move to the right and left, show the actions of up and down .

Homework assignment.


With the help of Quizlet students can listen and repeat the words:

Let’s guess the topic: “From the farm to your table”

Activity 1:

Do ex 1c p.179

In pairs ask from each other and test your partner.

Students divide into three groups with the help of

and choose the names of groups.

Activity 2:

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1. Farmers grow the vegetables

2. She cut cabbage into pieces

3. I buy beets and beans

4. My sister Aigul likes corn

5. My mother makes a salad from beet

6. I have two onions

Activity 3

Students guess the hidden vegetables touching hands.

When they say the word, other students should answer True or False.

Watching video about growth of plants and seed germination

After watching video students practice to plant vegetables in a little farm

In order to check provided materials, students use Kahoot questions and answer them.

Let’s evaluate today’s job. You’ve got stickers for every your work. Let’s count them.

Kahoot winners get medals of the 1st , 2nd, 3rd places

Ex  6, p 181

-Was our today’s lesson interesting for you?

-Did you like it?

Move a button on your feedback cards from 1 to 10 points:

-See you next time!