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Grade: 5


Time reguired: 45 min

At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

1.Pupils will know kinds of transport.


2.Pupils get information about transport.


3.Pupils will know traffic rules.


Expected    results



If pupils learn new words


If they read the text and translate


If they introduce with traffic rules and will be are careful on the transhorn road.

Visual aids: Pictures, cards, TV-set, computer

Warm up:   a) Greeting with students

  1.  b) Asking the duty
  2. c) Listening to the songs about transportation


Asking hometask: What was your hometask for today? Yes, your

Hometask was to speak about

Birthday traditions Around the world.

Presentation: So my dear pupils look at the pictures. What do you see in the piture? Can you guess today’s theme? Yes, of course our new theme is Transport.

Working with vocabulary.

Transport                                           унаа – транспорт, ташуу

An air plane   / a plane                        самолёт

A mini bus /a marshrutka                  маршрутка

A motorbike                                     мотоцикл

A trolleybus                                      троллейбус

A scooter                                          скутер

A bicycle                                          велосипед

A bus                                               автобус

A train                                              поезд

A taxi                                               такси

A car                                                машина, автомобиль

We say:

go travel by bus / by car / by taxi by train

But go on foot not go by foot

Let’s do Exercise. Match the words to the pictures.

Practice:  Read the Amazing transport facts.

Transport, or transportation, is moving people or things from one place to another place. Less than 100 years ago, most people were born, lived and died within 100 miles or less.

Today, people can travel all over the world in a few days or weeks!

Transportation Fun Facts/

-The first car used a lever, not a steering wheel.

-The longest train had 660 cars and took 16 engines to pull.

-The largest bus in the world holds 300 people.

-The shortest flight is between the island of westray to Papa Westray, Scotland and lasts 2 minutes

-In 1485 he famous painter Leonardo Da Vinvi drew pictures of flying machines.

-Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the largest airport in the world.

101, 491, 106 (one hundred and one million, four hundred and nine ty – one thousand, one hundred and six) passengers flew to and from the airport in 2016!

Application: Do the crossword

Let’s sing a song “Be careful on the road!” and learn traffic rules.

Hometask: Your hometask will be to learn by heart new words.

Ex: 7. Complete the sentences.

Our lesson is over Good bye!