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Дамира Молдобаева,

Тогуз-Торо районундагы Казарман айылынын

№2 Асан Абдраимов атындагы мектебинин

англис тили мугалими

Grade: 9

Objectives of the lesson:      By the end of the lesson students be able to.

1.Student will know about ecology about nature and the importance of keeping forests, the land rivers, lakes seas clean.

2.Students will get more information that the planet Earth is in danger and the necessity of taking care of everything that nature gives us.

3.Students will agree that everyone must help and save our planet.

4.Students will be sure that taking care of the Earth is everybody’s main task.

Warm up:        Now students I want to take your attention to these quotes:  Lets read together.

“The poetry of Earth is never dead”.

“Study nature, Love nature, stay close to nature it will never fail you”


“Nature is our mother”.

“The Earth laughs in flowers”.

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, ’the mountains and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books”.



So, my dear students I think that you guess the theme of the lesson. Of course, you are right, today we will talk about the Environment Protection. Now students Iˈll give you some words and word combinations and try to remember the meanings and translation of the following words and word combinations:

  1. An environment-all around us.
  2. To pollute – to make dirty the air, water, everything around us.
  3. Pollution – air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution. Itˈs the result of peoples bad actions of nature.


  1. Destruction — itˈs the result of fire, war.                                                                               
  2. Waste – things you throw away as damaged or of no use.
  3. Poison — itˈs very dangerous thing, it you can even kill.
  4. Nuclear – it may be used with such words as weapon, war tests.
  5. To survive- it means to continue life after coming close to death.
  6. Harm – damage something.
  7. Rubbish – useless waste or rejected things.
  8. Deforestation – the action of clearing a wide area of trees, forests.
  9. Global warming – changing of climate and razing temperature.

Now I am going to have a lesson not in the class, but our lesson will be at our school garden. You may enjoy with the beauty of nature, trees are green air is fresh itˈs so wonderful. Especially village acquaintance.

Itˈs our school, in front of our school there are different kinds of trees. As you know we have an environmental programme and every year every of us plant for one tree and today we have over one thousand different kinds of trees and flowers. I think itˈs our contribution to solving environmental problems.

But we have much problem of the environment. Our planet is in danger! If the Earth can speak she would say: “Help me please I am in danger!” I think there are a lot of ways we can help to save the Earth. Now I try to give an information about some problems of nature and environment.

  1. What are the major ecological problems?
  2. Water pollution

There is around 8 million tons of plastic which enters the oceans each year. Plastic is killing more than 1 million seabirds and animals every year.

  1. Air pollution. Cars produce gases. They add to the greenhouse effect. So the air is polluted.

Around 7 million people die each year from air pollution.

  1. Deforestation

People cut down trees for their human activities.

  1. Forest are the lungs of our planet.
  2. Land pollution.
  3. Global warming.

Ice is melting and sea level is rising

Who is responsible to save our planet?




How can we protect the environment?

P1 we must learn ecology.

P2 if we don’t study ecology it would be harm for human life.

P3 we must keep the air pure, water pure, soil pure.

P4 don’t waste water.

P5 plant more trees.

P6 stop using plastic.

P7 be a friend to fish, don’t throw rubbish into their homes/

P8 leave wild flowers for others to enjoy.

P9 when you hike leave the place clean.

Think and do this exercise. What is reduced, reused and recycled in your family?

│                                │         is reduced.

In our family         │         … …               │         is reused.

│                                │         is recycled.

│         to save …

It helps                   │         to protect …

│         not to pollute …

Students together: 22 April Earth Day! Join us and clean the Earth!

Taking care of the Earth is everybodyˈ s business.


Complete the sentences using the right word:

  1. Environment protection is an …. problem.
  2. Easy
  3. Important
  4. Pleasant
  5. What caused the …. of wild life?
  6. Destruction
  7. Poison
  8. Population

c)Many rivers and lakes are ….

  1. a) poisoned
  2. b) filled
  3. c) used
  4. d) Many scientists try … ecology problems.
  5. a) to solve
  6. b) to know
  7. c) to protect
  8. e) Factories pour a lot of … into air and water.
  9. a) shortage
  10. b) waste
  11. c) pollution

You have done this task excellently. Now letˈs sing a song:

Donˈt kill the world!

Donˈt let the Earth down!

Donˈt destroy the ground!

Donˈt kill the world!

                                                Donˈt kill the world!

                                               Donˈt let the Earth die!

                                               Help her to survive!

                                               Donˈt kill the world!

«If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.»

Home task: Your home task is to make a map of your own village and mark the places with environmental problems.

Our lesson is over. Good bye!