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Акбермет Амирбекова,

Ош облусунун  Чоң-Алай районундагы Дароот-Коргон айылынын

Алайчы уулу Саит атындагы инновациялык орто мектеби мекемесинин

англис тили мугалими

The theme of the lesson: Household objects.  

The aim of the lesson: Presentation material about Household objects, giving new information.

The objectives of the lesson: 1) Educational – to form the knowledge of the new material, making test corrections, encouraging pupils practical skills, making exercise.

2) Developing – to develop pupils’ creative and logical abilities, understanding,

reading, speaking, listening and writing.

3) Bringing –up: to bring –up love, interest to the subject, English language, other cultures, creating a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the class-room.

The main competence

-Informational competent (M/C1)

-The social communication (M/C2)

-The self-organization and solve problem (M/C3)

In subject competence

1 Phonetic drills — to work on sounds and letters (S/C1)

2 Reading and listening — reading and understanding (S/C2)

3 Grammar-making sentences, follow the grammar rules (S/C3)

4 Speaking-speak fluently by using the new words and new lexical phrases (S/C4)

5 Writing-writing their own sentences, writing a mini essays without mistakes (S/C5)

Type of the lesson: Integrated.

 Technology: Class discussion, individual work, pair work

Methods of the lesson: presentation, traditional method, reading, class discussion.

Procedure of the lesson

Pre- Act.

1.Organization moment:

Good morning  my dear boys and girls! How are you? I am glad to see you. Take your sits, please! Who is on duty today? What the date is it today? Who is absent today?


Phonetic drill: Let’s start our lesson with the phonetic drill. Let’s remember some reasons why we study English language? Look at the blackboard, please. (picture)


Pupils’ answers:

1) We can speak in English.

2) We can read books in English.

3) We can use the computers.

4) We can understand the English songs.

Teacher: Yes, you are right! Let’s continue our lesson with checking up your home –work. Your home work was learn by heart new words. Who wants to start?


1–pupil:   a sofa?

2–pupil:   a kettle?

3 –pupil:  a plants? …etc

During-Act. New theme: Today we will have a talk about Household objects. The theme our lesson today “Household objects ”.  Study the prepositions of place.

Today we get new information about new theme. It helps us to learn new words, тand new grammar structure.


Teacher: Ex. 3. Study the prepositions of place.

Teacher:  Make  some activities with cubes…

 Ex 6. Look at the picture.

Make sentences using appropriate prepositions of place:


  1. «There’s a cat in the bag», or «The cat is in the bag».
  2. There’s a dog on the sofa.
  3. The cat is between the dog and the lion.
  4. The man is behind the tree.
  5. There’s a chair next to the lamp.
  6. The elephant is in front of the chair.
  7. The ball is above the shelf. 8. There’s a child under the table.


Action act: Bear`s dance

Teacher: Let`s make some dialogues with prepositions  of place . Work with picture






Consolidation of the theme:

Slide    You  keep food here.___________?

                                            You look at yourself in it__________?

                                      You wash your hands here_________?


        Conclusion of the lesson: What have you learnt today?



1– pupil: I learnt new words

2– pupil: I learnt new grammar structure

3–pupil: I learnt new information


Giving of home work: 


Open your dairies and write down your home –task for the next lesson: to do ex. 10 p.197   (Draw a picture of your favourite   room. Write a short paragraph about it using prepositions of place)

Evaluation: Your marks are the following: 5, 4, 3.

The lesson is over, good –bye!