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Жалал-Абад шаарындагы 17-жалпы орто билим берүү мектебинин англис тили мугалими Капарова Чолпонай Аллабергеновна.

Form: 11    Theme: Akyl Ordo. Competitinon  of the cleverests.

1BC11SC1 +
2BC22SC2 +
3BC3 +3SC3 +


  1. Students will repeat, memorize and applicate.
  2. Students consciously listen, answer and comprehend.
  3. Students will think critically other  country’s  culture  and they  will  be  able  to  respect  each   other.

Teacher: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Today we have competition”Akyl Ordo” The centre of the cleverest.

The players are:

Usenova Jumagul

Sultanova Albina

Turatbek kyzy Akmaanai

Abduvali kyzyAizat

Amankulova Maryam

We have 3 rounds: At the I round there are 17 questions.

At the II round there 4 categories: such as

I category “Kyrgyzstan”

II category “True” or “False”

III category “ Agree” or “Disagree”.

On the III round  I’ll give you 3 logical questions.


                              I Round

1.What do you little babies drink?

  1. a) Juice b) Milk  c) Meals   d)

2.When does your school start? a at 8:00 bat 7:00 c 7:30 d 8:30.

3.Whose children do Mr and  Mrs Smyth have?

  1. a) Ours b) Theirs c) Browns’  d) I don’t

4.Whom does David love ?

Marry  b) me  c) granny d) car

  1. Where do hippos live ?
  2. a) in Africa b) in Tashkent c) in forest in lake
  3. Why do you eat so much ?

I am thirsty  b)   I am hungry   c) I like to eat d) I don’t know

  1. When do you have your winter holidays ?
  2. a) on February .b) on January c) in winter d)  in cold days.

8.Where does Mrs Dyke go every weekend?

  1. a) to the market. b) to the seaside c) to the cinema d) to the bank

9.When does your little sister go to bed?

  1. a) at 8 p.m. b) 10 p.m   c) 11 p.m  d) she doesn’t

10.How do you get to school ?

  1. a) by car b) by bus c) on foot d) on horse

11.When do we celebrate an Independence Day ?

  1. a) August 31 b) August 30 c) March 21 d) September 1
  2. On which planet do you live ?
  3. a) on Venus b) on Earth c) on Mars d) on Mercury

13.What do we call kids of horse ?

calf b) lamb c) colt d) puppy .

  1. Whose picture on the 500 soms ?
  2. a) Sayakbai Karalaev b) Kurmanjan Datka
  3. c) Kasym Tynystanov d) Toktogul Satylganov
  4. How many behests of Manas ?
  5. a) 40 behests b) 7 behests c)70 behests d) 3 behests

16.How many alphabets  in english language ?

  1. a) 26 alphabets c) 36 alphabets d) 28 alphabets
  2. Whose work The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ?
  3. a) W. Shakspeare’s b) M.Twain’s c)Ch. Aitmatov’s d) Ernest Hemingway’s

         Category  “ Kyrgyzstan”

1.What religious holidays are celebrated by Kyrgyz?

  1. a) Orozo Ait , b) Kurban Ait , c) Ramazan , d) Nooruz

2.When we celebrate Mother’s Day ?

-On the  8 th of March

  1. Is Nooruz a favourite holiday of Kyrgyz ?

Yes , it is

4 .What food is usually cooked on Noorus ?


5.Are new clothes bought to wear on Noorus ?

Yes , they are

  1. The largest city in Kygyzstan?

Bishkek is

  1. Uzbekistan Tadjikistan and China, are heighbours of Kygyzstan, aren’t they? Yes, they’re

8.Who is governor of Jalal-Abad?

9.Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country,isn’t it?-Yes, it is.

10.What is the main river in Kyrgyzstan?-Naryn is

  1. What is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan?-Issyk-kul is
  2. What is the population of Kyrgyzstan?-More than 6 million
  3. Who was Barpy Alykulov?-Akyn
  4. Did you see Barpy’s house in Achy?-I was in Achy in 2004 in saw house there
  5. Are the official languages Kyrgyz and Russian?- Yes,they’re
  6. Do we have Veterans Day?-On 9th of May is Victory Day
  7. Who is president of our school ?
  8. Our school head-minstress is…?

Category “True or False”.

1.The  Kyrgyz Republic is a single sovereign, democratic republic in Central Asia-True

2.The  highest legislative organ in Kyrgyzstan is the Jogorku Kenesh-True

3.The English are great lovers of sport-True

4.Professional football isn’t  big business-False

5.The shate flag of the Kyrgyz Republic is a red planet with a sun disk in the centre-True

6.Rugby football is played with an oval ball-True

7.Cricket isn’t an out door game in Britain-False

8.Christmas isn’t a religious holiday-False

9.Custom at Easter time is decorating eggs-True

10.Easter celebrated on the 1st Sunday on or after the 21st of March-True

11.Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland-True

12.Cambridge and Oxford aren’t the famous  university cities-False

13.William Shakespeare was born in Birmingham-True

14.People sometimes left Europe in the 17th centry for religious reasons-True

15.You can’t  speak one word of English-False

16.Little children loved watching cartoons-True

17.Your mother speak English better than you-False

18.Baiel is our school’s president-False

19.Ozgon is in Jalal-Abad oblast –False

20.We celebrate state flags Day on 5th of May –True

Category Agree or Disagree

1.The English home is his castle-Agree

2.The American houses have Little gardens with a hedge all around-Disagree

3.The American has just one large room where all the family activities go on-Agree

4.Americans aren’t very hospitable-Disagree

5.Americans are very hospitable-Agree

6.Englishmen are fond of new things-Disagree

7.Americans aren’t fond of new things-Disagree

8.Americans are fond old things-Disagree

9.People in Great Britain and  USA decorate eggs on Valentines Day-Disagree

10.Children give flowers or some other presents to their mothers on Mothers Day-Agree

11.Labour Day is celebrated in the USA  on the 1 st May-Disagree

12.Many nations remember the people who were killed in wars –Agree

13.Easter is a religious holiday –Agree

14.Cardiff is the capital  of Wales-Agree

  1. 6 Vowels in English alphabet-Agree

16.You study at school remember 6

17.You are 9th form in-Disagree

18.Our Head Misstress is Roza Otunbaeva-Disagree

19.February is spring month-Disgree

20.Toguz-Toro is in Jalal-Abad oblast-Agree